Catering for carbon

There is growing consumer awareness on life style choices and impact on the environment.

Healthy eating promotions are now more focused on impact to the environment not just health e.g. – ‘meat free Mondays’, ‘flexitarian’ diets and rise in numbers of people choosing dairy free vegan diets.

The Committee on Climate Change has recently published their assessment on the impact of food production and farming and carbon emissions in the UK.

Consumers need trusted information to enable them to maintain diet choices and food caterers need the ability to provide guidance to customers who want to understand the environmental credentials of the food they are consuming.

In response to demand for more bespoke environmental foot-printing resources for the catering and event management industry EPV have developed the ‘Rate my plate’ (c) tool that enables comparison of different food choices and cooking fuels on basis of carbon emission.

The tool can determine total carbon content of a recipe and cooking method. It uses carbon data from various published sources and considers the country of food origin. It also benchmarks outcomes against individuals carbon allowance using organisational bespoke or international benchmarks.

“Rate my Plate” can be used to produce general and bespoke info fact sheets for food vendors, menu carbon ratings and environmental rating stickers for food vendors and event organisations to display for their customers. It can highlight the impact of recipe and cooking choices for chefs and catering planners, so they can understand the environmental impacts on the choices made in planning food offerings both generally and to and meet particular market requirements, as well as being used as part of recording the total emissions impact for an organisations carbon foot-print reporting.

Contact EPV today to find out how “Rate my Plate” can help your organisation demonstrate your commitment to minimising carbon impact and enable your customers make informed choices.





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