ISO 50001 2018 update

This standard is all about embedding systematic energy improvement management and monitoring process within an organisation. It is based around the principle of planning before doing, then checking outcomes and acting on results. The recent revisions and update of this standard was published this summer and the primary changes compared to the previous edition are as follows:

— The standard now follows a common high-level structure, and common terms and definitions in line with other ISO management system standards;
— It includes a greater emphasis on the role of top management;
— The revisions encompass new definitions, such as “energy performance improvement” and clarifications on exclusions of certain energy types and terms such “energy review”;
— The standard includes the concept of normalization of energy performance indicators and associated energy baselines;
— The new update now has additional details on the “energy data collection plan” and related requirements;

On the face of it, some of these changes may appear minor, but we believe they have been made to improve the usability and application of the standard. Which should be a good thing, as it should help improve the ability of an organisation to implement it and result in improved chances of saving money and reducing carbon emissions.

Acting as Technical Advisor, EPV have been involved in technical consultations and briefings with the United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS) concerning the latest revision of ISO 50001 and how UKAS will monitor Approving Certification Bodies.

EPV are able to provide bespoke services to enable your organisation to get set up ready for accreditation and provide ongoing help in maintaining accreditation under ISO 50001.

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